Preparation for Exit

If you are considering exiting from your business, its important to start preparing for this as early as possible.

Our Digital CFOs have supported many founders and entrepreneurs to get their business into the best possible position for them to exit. 

We can help you make your company more appealing to buyers and significantly improve the valuation of your business.

Here is some of the support our Digital CFOs can offer

Our Digital CFOs will help you to clearly identify your goals based on your personal financial requirements, post-exit commitment to the business, legacy and employee retention, amongst other criteria.

They will help you explore the options, the realities and the complexities of the exit process and map the way to achieve your desired goal.


Our approach to exit planning is holistic and we will work with your management team to ensure the business is in its best position for when it’s time to take it to market.


Ahead of the transaction we will help you make strategic decisions about product/service development, branding and the overall direction of the business that can make it more appealing to the buyer audience.


Important things to consider

Exit planning includes both external and internal considerations to make sure that your business is as attractive as it can be to your identified buyer audience.


It can involve strategies to become known to your eventual buyer, wider PR requirements, restructuring, streamlining, strengthening of management teams and so on.

Ahead of the transaction, you will need to optimise your business to maximise strategic premium. You need to strengthen your financials, reporting and KPIs as well as benchmarking your business against your competitors.

You need to fully understand your financials, reporting and KPIs which all need to be strong and reported.

You will need to benchmark your business and its margins against your competitors so potential buyers are clearly informed about its performance.


You need to look at cost control and profit maximisation so you can demonstrate to the market that your business is being run efficiently

If you have run your business for a long time, you may need to tighten up your working capital processes which can typically take up to 12 months to sort out.