Join Our Team

We are always on the look out for superstar Finance Directors and CFO's to join our ever expanding team.

Why join the Digital CFO Community?

The Digital CFO Community allows like-minded finance professionals to grow and develop their careers together.

You will be joining a community of experienced finance professionals, who regularly get together virtually;

to network, share experience and share there knowledge and skills

You can develop your career and gain exposure to new industry sectors and new financial challenges.

Applying for a role at The Digital CFO is different because we first need to identify whether a candidate fits with our ethos.


So, we’ve carefully curated a series of steps to achieve just that. Here’s what it takes.

​First we have a few criteria you must meet in order to move onto the next steps.

You have held a Finance Director or CFO position for at least 5 years

You are qualified with one of the major institutes

You are currently a member of the institute you qualified with

Have had exposure to both the Financial and Commercial side of a business

You are technology savvy - we are a purely digital business after all

A track record of providing exceptional strategic support 

A passion for making a real difference to the businesses we work with

You are Professionally curious and want to continue to develop your skills and career

Pass cognitive aptitude test

 We have found that the most reliable way to shortlist the very best candidates is by objectively measuring problem solving skills.


The Digital CFO does this via a 15-minute Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT).


Candidates who don’t make the grade can try again after six months.

Complete the form at the bottom of this page and we will send you a link to get started.

There is a small fee of £15 to pay to complete this step.

Pass English proficiency test

Someday, technological advancements will make it possible for teams to collaborate without sharing a common language.


Until then, English language skills are necessary for all positions at The Digital CFO.


That’s why candidates who pass the CCAT are next required to complete an English proficiency test which involves hearing and repeating English phrases.

Prove real-world job skills

Of course, there’s much more to being a great worker than intelligence and language skills.


The next step is to complete a real-world job assignment which has been curated specifically for the role.


The result is graded blindly, to eliminate any potential for bias.

Ace an interview or two

Candidates who reach the interview stage have already proven objectively that they’ve got what it takes to succeed in the role.


So, unlike traditional job interviews which focus on subjective questioning from hiring managers, this step at The Digital CFO is primarily an opportunity for the candidate and us to assess a mutual team fit.

Accept job offer

And that’s it! The Digital CFOs turnaround from initial application to offer can happen in as little as five days.


Once we’ve identified that someone truly is in the top of the talent pool, we want to place them into a role ASAP.


We’re often recruiting for multiple roles at the same time, so it’s not uncommon for all the best candidates to receive an offer shortly after completing these steps

If you have got to this point and are still interested in joining out team, complete the form below and we will be in touch.