Interim CFO & Leave Cover

All of Our Digital CFOs have over 5 years practical experience as a CFO and are very experienced in providing support to businesses.

They understand that employees taking periods of leave can disrupt a business and can quickly result in the business experiencing issues.


Our Digital CFOs are experienced in providing both leave cover and Interim CFO cover.


There experience of providing this cover at short notice, enables us to support you and your business by creating flexibility through, for example a job share, or by filling-in on an interim basis whilst a replacement CFO is recruited.

If your business has grown to a point where it requires a CFO on a full time basis, Our Digital CFOs can continue to support you and your business by acting as an interim CFO.


This allows the business to have continuity while a new CFO is recruited and while the new CFO gets to know the business.


Our Digital CFOs can work along side your new CFO while they get to know the business and provide a hand over of everything, ensuring you don't need to worry about having to find time to do this.