FC & FD Mentoring

Our Digital CFOs have a wealth of experience in mentoring Financial Controllers (FC's) and Finance Directors (FD's) to become future CFOs.

The world of C-Suit talent and high-value positions, is very competitive and it’s a completely different game to that of lower level roles. The average tenure of a Chief Finance Officer (CFO) is 3-4 years and the role is continually changing.

Any career or job transition requires a creative, well-thought-out plan that leverages your strengths, gets you noticed and is flawlessly executed. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are in your career, does it make sense to leave the CFO position or your next career move to chance?

You wouldn’t advise the CEO to proceed without a strategic plan, why should you?

To be a world-class CFO, you need more than generic answers and a quick fix.


You need a mentor who takes your success as seriously as you do and will help you develop a plan with the integrity, confidentiality, and excellent service that is a part of your daily world. Someone who understands the CFO world and can work with you to achieve sustainable success.

Focusing on the successful performance of CFOs, Our Digital CFO mentor's can walk the journey with you to develop programs to generate world-class performance and create your unique roadmap.


They will enable you to develop tools to think strategically about your career and develop solutions to ultimately grow in ways they would not otherwise experience.

Our Digital CFO's can support you in six different areas.

Improve your professional growth to impact performance.

Create higher CFO effectiveness.

Improve your problem-solving skills.

Improve communication skills with peers, direct reports, superiors & Board of Directors.

Establish trusted relationships with other leaders.

Build your brand.


Are you seeking to resolve conflicts, communication or succession issues?

Are you confident and supported in your leadership role, and able to lead others?

Are you seeking the expertise and support to help you move your career and organisation forward?

Do you aspire to make decisions that create, align and inspire a Work Class Team?

Are you trying to align your peers, shareholders and your Board of Directors?

Do you want to influence change and strategic direction of your organisation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should get in touch today to see how our Digital CFOs can support you obtaining your first or next CFO Position.